• MS26-20029 Light Hobby Transport Storage Box Aluminum Cases Series
  • MS26-20029 Light Hobby Transport Storage Box Aluminum Cases Series
Aluminum Boxes

MS26-20029 Light Hobby Transport Storage Box Aluminum Cases Series

Custom cut foam inserts and custom decorative silk screening are often included in aluminum case manufacturers' services. Custom fabrication of aluminum cases is vital for many OEM and industrial electronics applications that require equipment to be built directly into a case. The electronic, digital, video and photography industries use aluminum cases as storage and transit cases for sensitive equipment; the benefits of aluminum make these cases excellent shipping, transit and storage solutions for industrial, firearm and hunting equipment, computers and video games, motorcycle storage attachments and craftsmen hobby boxes as well as many other applications.
Item  No. Description Length Width Height N.W G.W
MS26-20029 Alukasse MS29 liter 44cm 28.5cm 34cm 3.2kg 3.8kg
MS26-20042 Alukasse MS47 liter 59cm 28.5cm 39cm 4.0kg 4.5kg
MS26-20073 Alukasse MS76 liter 60cm 42cm 39.3cm 5.1kg 6.2kg
MS26-20091 Alukasse MS91 liter 80cm 38.5cm 39cm 6.29kg 8.3kg
MS26-20140 Alukasse MS140 liter 91cm 38.5cm 50cm 7.84kg 10.4kg
MS26-200157 Alukasse MS157 liter 79cm 42cm 59cm 8.02kg 10.6kg
MS26-200153 Alukasse MS153 liter 119cm 42cm 39cm 8.88kg 11.5kg
MS26-200185 Alukasse MS185 liter 91cm 42cm 59cm 8.78kg 11.3kg
MS26-200240 Alukasse MS240 liter 79cm 63cm 59cm 9.41kg 10.4kg
MS26-200415 Alukasse MS415 liter 119cm 52cm 80cm 14.8kg 16kg

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Dexin brand the world leader in ladders, offers a complete line of climbing products designed for working at heights. The portfolio includes ladders, scaffolding, planks, step stools, and accessories. From ladders to scaffolding, Dexin provides a full line of MS26-20029 Light Hobby Transport Storage Box Aluminum Cases Series suppliers that are engineered to give you maximum safety, durability, and productivity at every height. All products meet or exceed applicable international safety standards.
Our products are backed by state-of-the-art design, testing, and life-cycle evaluation. We manufacture a complete line of professional-grade products suitable anywhere from home to the most demanding job sites.

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