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Manufacturing Folding Dock Ladder

DEXIN as a professional supplier of dock ladders, is pleased to introduce our product categories and their advantages in application.
Dock ladders are specifically designed for entering and exiting swimming pools, and they come with the following features:
- Corrosion Resistance and Durability: Our dock ladders are constructed using high-quality stainless steel or aluminum alloy, capable of resisting corrosion from water, ensuring long-term durability.
- Safety: Dock ladders are equipped with anti-slip steps and sturdy handrails to ensure user safety in wet and slippery environments.
- Aesthetic Design: The products have an elegant design that blends seamlessly with the pool environment, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the pool area.
- Easy Installation: Dock ladders are designed for easy installation, reducing installation time and costs.
Our products prioritize quality, safety, and reliability, making them suitable for various aquatic settings such as swimming pools, docks, and marinas. We look forward to providing you with high-quality tools and services to ensure a safer and more enjoyable aquatic experience.

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From start to finish, we are in control throughout the entire manufacturing process. We manufacture a full line of professional grade Dock Ladders factory built to last for generations while withstanding the most challenging jobs.
Our products are backed by state-of-the-art design, testing, and life-cycle evaluation. We manufacture a complete line of professional-grade products suitable anywhere from home to the most demanding job sites.


  • Scaffold
  • HouseHold Ladder
    HouseHold Ladder
  • Widened Step Stool
    Widened Step Stool
  • Slow Descent Ladder
    Slow Descent Ladder
  • Articulated Ladder
    Articulated Ladder
  • Steel Ladder
    Steel Ladder


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The Advantages of Folding Swim Dock Ladders

Folding swim dock ladders have become a game-changer for waterfront property owners and water enthusiasts, offering a seamless blend of convenience, safety, and space efficiency. These innovative ladders are designed to enhance waterfront experiences by providing easy access to and from the water, making them an essential accessory for docks, piers, and swimming platforms.

Engineered to fold neatly against the dock or platform when not in use, these ladders maximize the available space and ensure a clutter-free waterfront area. This compactness is especially valuable for those with limited space, allowing for unobstructed views and easy navigation around the dock.

The convenience of folding swim dock ladders extends to their user-friendly deployment. Swimmers and boaters can effortlessly unfold the ladder when ready to enter or exit the water, providing a stable and secure ascent or descent. This ease of use is particularly beneficial for individuals of all ages, ensuring that everyone can enjoy water activities with confidence.

The sturdy construction, often made of corrosion-resistant materials like aluminum or stainless steel, ensures durability and reliability even in harsh aquatic environments. Non-slip steps and handrails further enhance safety, providing a stable grip for users transitioning between the water and the dock.

The versatility of these ladders is evident in their application in various waterfront settings. From private docks at lakeside cabins to community piers and marinas, folding swim dock ladders cater to a wide range of needs. Boaters appreciate their convenience when boarding from the water, and swimmers value the easy access they provide for a quick dip.

Folding swim dock ladders represent a harmonious fusion of practicality and safety. Their space-saving design, user-friendly features, and commitment to safety make them an indispensable accessory for anyone looking to make lots of their time on the water.

Structure of Pool Ladder

A pool ladder is a fundamental component of any swimming pool, providing a safe and convenient means for individuals to enter and exit the pool. Its structure is carefully designed to ensure stability, durability, and user safety.

The main frame of a pool ladder is commonly constructed from materials known for their resistance to corrosion, such as stainless steel or aluminum. This ensures longevity and durability in the aquatic environment where exposure to water and chemicals is constant. The frame is engineered to support the weight of individuals using the ladder and to withstand the various stresses associated with pool activities.

The steps or rungs of a pool ladder are critical elements, providing a series of stable platforms for users to ascend or descend into the pool. These steps are strategically spaced to accommodate a comfortable and safe climb. Anti-slip surfaces are often incorporated into the design of each step to minimize the risk of accidents and ensure a secure foothold, especially when wet.

Handrails are an integral part of the pool ladder structure, offering additional support and stability. Positioned on either side of the ladder, handrails provide users with a firm grip as they navigate the steps. The handrails are designed to be easily reachable and are often ergonomically shaped to enhance user comfort and safety.

Anchoring or mounting hardware is essential for securing the pool ladder to the pool deck or surrounding structure. This hardware ensures that the ladder remains stable and stationary during use, preventing any wobbling or tipping. Secure anchoring is crucial for user safety and contributes to the overall structural integrity of the ladder.

The structure of a pool ladder is a well-engineered combination of materials and components designed to withstand the unique challenges of a pool environment. The choice of corrosion-resistant materials, anti-slip features, handrails, and secure anchoring collectively contribute to creating a safe and reliable means for individuals to access and enjoy the pool.