• DX-F0070 Heavy Duty Truck Tool Box Alubox for RV Trailer Truck
  • DX-F0070 Heavy Duty Truck Tool Box Alubox for RV Trailer Truck
Aluminum Boxes

DX-F0070 Heavy Duty Truck Tool Box Alubox for RV Trailer Truck

The toolbox is necessary for families, truck drivers, and outdoor enthusiasts and tools secure yet easily accessible.
Built-in lock keeps the large door from accidently opening or from being picked open, adding to security.
The door features a weather-resistant rubber seal for keeping all items inside dry and safe.
Aluminum diamond plate material reduces box weight and protects against, features polished finish that ensures years of dependability.
Perfect for storing your tools in your vehicle or at home.
Metal Chain Design: The lid of the toolbox comes with two metal chains that can be used to secure the lid.
Safe & Secure: The built-in lock is more secure, and with 2 keys so you can safely use it to prevent things from being lost.
Heavy Duty & Robust: This tool box is constructed of heavy duty textured aluminum for maximum durability,The strong 5 bar tread is corrosion-resistant and can withstand harsh weather elements for long-lasting durability.
Box Door Design: The toolbox door is designed to be large, it is convenient to take items, and it is easy to see the items you want to take.
Safe & Secure: Two different shapes of locks, you can choose according to your preference.
D-Handle: Stainless Steel D-Handle is very easy for you to grip even with gloves on. (Not all sizes have handles)
Item no. Description Carton(size) N.W
DX-F0070 Transport box F-70 in alu.7OL without gas struts 522×375×415cm 7.4kg
DX-F0120 Transport box F-120 in alu.7OL without gas struts 622×425×515cm 10.2kg
DX-F0234 Transport box F-234 in alu.7OL without gas struts 722×525×645cm 15.3kg
DX-G0250 Transport box G- -250 in alu.7OL without gas struts 1022×525×515cm 16.5kg
DX-G0312 Transport box G-312 in alu.70L without gas struts 1270×525×515cm 19.1kg
DX-G0375 Transport box G -375 in alu.7OL without gas struts 1522×525×515cm 22.9kg
DX-G0470 Transport box G-470 in alu.7OL without gas struts 1896×525×515cm 26.7kg

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